Building Consultants

Building Consultant Services

Our team of construction industry experts combines extensive experience in construction management with expertise in insurance to provide our clients with a full suite of services. Our deep understanding of structural design, material costs, and damage assessment methods allows us to calculate building loss exposures economically and equitably. We manage everything from the initial damage inspection and detailed cost estimates to project oversight and dispute resolution.


  • Detailed cost and time estimates (RCV and ACV) to restore damages

  • Detailed informational and/or causation reports

  • Builders risk claim analysis
  • Review and cost analysis for emergency/mitigation services
  • Cost and practicality analysis of repair vs. replacement
  • Construction defect claim analysis to determine cause, solution & repair cost

  • Appraisal & dispute resolution

  • Expert testimony for mediation, arbitration, deposition, and trial

Our team of highly trained building consultants can readily provide appropriate analysis and conclusions, including comprehensive reports and in-depth analysis for any of your building consultant needs.